About Us

    Top Full Baby House is a professional confinement center for mommy and newborn babies. We provide the best care for baby and mommy. We understand the importance of confinement meals for mommy, thus our center provides natural and health-oriented meals to our clients. We provide 5 meals on daily basis and all the meals are cooked daily with fresh ingredients such as marine fish, pork, and chicken. In Top Full Baby House, we also provided a free flow of nourishing tea.
    Confinement Centre Johor Bahru (JB) | 新山坐月子 | 新山坐月中心 | 新山月子中心 | 陪月中心

    With our lovely, geniality and passion,
    we hope all the moms feel warm and at peace during
    the confinement period.


    以真情, 温情, 人情, 真心希望妈咪坐月得到温馨与安心。

    In addition, we also prepared herbal soup for mommy and we have extended our confinement meal service which provided more choices for mommy to choose from the menu given. A FREE traditional post-natal massage is provided for mommy and the professional nurses from the government will come to give baby care. Top Full Baby House will present an "An Xin" pillow to newborn babies as a souvenir.
    There are some leisure facilities and sports equipment in Top Full Baby House such as seminar hall and cafeteria. We hope our mommy and their family fell safe during their confinement period, so we have invested in 24 hours security system with CCTV to ensure the environment is secured for mommy and baby.
    Besides a comfortable environment, Top Full Baby House also hopes to reduce the burden for both mommy and daddy, so we provided the package at a reasonable price which is affordable by most of the family.
    此外,该月子坊也为产妇准备中医妇科调理药膳养生汤, 并且即将提供月子餐点服务。产妇也可以获得免费一次传统产后按摩, 而政府专业护士也会前来给予宝宝呵护。多福月子坊也赠送1个安心枕给宝宝当作纪念品。除此之外,我们也提供了休闲设施及运动器材,并拥有讲座会议厅及小型食阁Cafe。